SSL Summer 2013

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City Timeline

Morning Timeline

8am - gates open. no need to be there earlier than that: no entry to team areas or spectator areas until 8am.
8:30-9:00am - Warmups for ages 11and older
(last 10 minutes will be for sprints and dives practice)
9:00-9:30am - Warmups for ages 10 and under
(last 10 minutes will be for sprints and dives practice)
9:35am - Swimmers assemble for Parade of Champions
9:40-10:00am - Parade of Champions! Each team enters the competition arena and walks around the pool showing off their Team signs, superhero outfits, and team cheers! (great for photo opportunities!)
10:00 (ish) Relay teams assemble to the Bullpen
volunteer timers report to lanes
10:00 (ish) Begin swim meet with Event #1!

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City Info

Admission to the City Meet on Saturday is FREE! We can’t wait to see a big, fun crowd in the stands to cheer on all of the SSL swimmers!

However, there will be several new and creative opportunities to support SSL throughout the day. Remember that this is a cash only event, so be sure to come prepared!


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